The Knotty Sheep Shop

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Ever since changing the innards of my computer - I haven't been able to reduce photo size. Sigh .... If I tried to put photos on my BloG without shrinking them - I fear they would take up not only this whole page - but my all important bandwith usage too. Please bear with me while I try to figure it out. Until then - it is click able links! Today was a productive day. I always feel better about myself when I have been productive. I completed a KLAUDETTE Baby T shirt and I have begun to rid my studio of things I no longer use. I think productivity has a love/hate relationship with clutter. The more clutter - the less productive. It is almost like the clutter pulls the creative energy from me to use in reproducing more clutter. No more - this is a battle I will win! And - just to keep you current on my Ship's Project slippers - I just completed pair # 18!! How are your projects going?? TAG ME ... you are it!

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