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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I have just begun my 10th hat for The Dulaan Project. With each hat I complete - my DH says "Where is Mine?" Now, truth be told, he has never wanted anything I have knit before. No sox! No sweaters! No scarves! No mittens! But, these hats! .... He is enthralled with them!

Not that I mind. After all, I am using double stranded handspun, they are Xtra Xtra warm. So, in the quest of marital bliss (and a Christmas gift!) I have decided to knit DH a hat!

Not just any hat mind you - but one that contains my Motu's fur. I carded some of her coat into some wonderful, naturally black shetland/suffolk x. Notice the before and after pix .... I have 5 oz to play with. In reality, it is more black than the photo shows. Guess I went a little crazy with the flash! Comments .... please!

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Nannette said...

Wow Kary! TEN hats! How wonderFUL!

Chuck's hat looks like it will be stunning. Motu's fur looks like it makes an incredibly SOFT and WARM blend! Can't wait to see the finished hat!