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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Heroes pass thru lives our lives daily - silently, without notice. We are BOMBarded with doom & gloom - that is what sells, that is what titillates. My hero for the week: Painesville (OH) Municipal Court Judge Michael A. Cicconetti. What a perfect sentence for an stupid, stupid person! Bravo, Judge Cicconetti!!

AND ... you know how I mentioned if I found a perfect 'gift' for the UP coming holidays I would pass the info to you?? Well, check out Native Energy! They fight global warming by keeping tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution out of the air. Peruse the website - you can even figure out your 'carbon footprint'. Buy a snazzy card for $15 and keep a whole TON of carbon dioxide out of the air. Woo-WHOO!

Finally, here are my 10 (thus far) hats for Dulaan. All are my handspun, some have a few snippets of commerical product in them, but, all in all ... they totally hand made! Does a soul good to help a fellow human! Comments, please!

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Lisa said...

Love all the hats - and from handspun too! How beautiful.