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Friday, November 14, 2008

What to do next??

I haven't been an active Blogger. Most of that stems from the fact that THE election is over , the global economy is a mess, Christmas is coming and I am just exhausted!

All is good though! As the old saying goes: "Everything happens for a reason." I couldn't agree more.

Sales have been slow at The Knotty Sheep. Again, the market *is* flooded with those who dye, spin & card to 'eek' out a modest paycheck. AND ... handspun yarn is a luxury during this trying economic time. I feel a tad despondent though ... meager sales mean a meager donation to Pittie Love Rescue.

I will persist though ... with one exception. I hope to spend MORE time drawing/less time playing with wool. The choice is a difficult one ... but - as 'everything happens for a reason' ... this just might be my wakeup call to do more ART. Please wish me luck ... and (shameless plug ----> ) Let's keep the economy going ... do Shop! WHEEEEEEE!

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Kathleen said...

I'm thankful that I'm notone of those trying to make a living by my handicrafts, but still, it's always inspiring to pet a gorgeous batt...been eyeing your kitchen sink battz again...

Yeeesh...the drool factor is starting to set in again...