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Friday, November 07, 2008

Starry Night Lover

Ah ... it is Friday!
The end of what feels like a very long work week. I have been battling bronchitis this week as my dad battles pneumonia. It is tough not being able to visit him ... he isn't the MOST healthiest branch on my family tree at this stage in his life. Unfortunately, the 'apple doesn't fall far from said tree!"

Today, I discovered a local radio station that is already playing Christmas music! Yes - I listened for several hours. I don't think Diesel will take to kindly to 7 weeks of Christmas carols ... but, he survived almost 2 years of listening to political campaigning on my radio & tv ... I think HE will think that the music is much nicer.

This weekend will be spent finishing my first Amaryllis mitten and spinning!! It is supposed to be a wee bit dreary in these parts .... perfect weather for creating with wool!
Starry Night Lover would make for good spinning .... but, of course - YOU may have first dibs at spinning it! WhEEEEEE!

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Stasia said...

Pretty, pretty fiber! Hope you are feeling much better soon - your dad, too!