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Thursday, July 24, 2008


I was BloG surfing yesterday. You know how it goes - you stop here - click on there - jump over to this & that and before you know it: vous ĂȘtes ici! - ( you are HERE!) or as I like to call it: Kiva!

I became fascinated - almost obsessed with the stories I read. Just when you think this world has no light left ... the SUN shines!

Sadbargul Faizova caught my eye! I hope she catches your eye too as the time to raise her loan amount is ending shortly. For $25, which is some nice wine & even nicer yarn .... YOU can help her make her family's life a little bit better!

Motto for the day: Kindness in Giving creates Love - Lao Tzu


Sixsisters said...

Always love your blogs Kary. I wish I could donate.
Someday I will be in the position to do so.
I am so glad you are painting again. Just forge

juicyknits said...

That is great that you found Kiva as well. It's a wonderful way to help others.