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Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Goal ... Finis!

On weekends - I try to set a goal for my Macuwita sni knitting. I find I am pushing myself to complete 'just one more row' when normally - I would have laid the project down for the evening.

This weekend, my goal was 2 pair of mittens as well as a hand spun skein.

I am proud to say ... I completed my goal!! YAY!!

If obtaining a goal is motivation to do even more ... so are these pups currently in foster care thru the German Shepherd Rescue of New England. Yes ... my heart belongs to my Diesel and the pitbulls, but, DH has always had a soft spot for GSDs. Guess who is becoming a GSRNE member?

So - just when I didn't think I could survive another day of 90 degree F weather ... I plopped some wool into the dye pot for the 4th skein in my Study of Shades & Spots! This salmon beauty is currently For SALE!

Just when you think you can't knit one more row OR stand at the dye pot one more minute - it is nice to know that God created such wonderful things as motivation & inspiration to give you the kick in the bloomers that is needed to make the world a better place.

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