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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My Mitten Marathon

Part of what I love about the 4th of July is it a celebration of family, friends, country, and Life.

I can forgo the parades - way to crowded! AND the fireworks - way to loud! (... I always wonder what the wildlife think when the night sky turns radiant and the sonic booms reign!)

My long weekend doesn't truly begin until Thursday evening - but I am choosing to begin my Mitten Marathon tonight! Yep - I am just SO curious to see how many pair of mittens I can complete for Macuwita sni!

I have put this aside - without its mate even being casted on:

Hopefully, I will turn this from a nondescript collection of stash into a mountain of mittens!

So - as of today, I am lying low for a while. A good LONG while! I have much to do, much to contemplate and family matters to address! While I will be BloGGing ... and creating ... I will also be hibernating! HaPpY 4th everyone ... and may you be able to celebrate your family, friends, country, and Life - wherever you may be!! May your nondescript stash turn into your very own mountain of mittens too! WhEEEEE!

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