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Monday, June 23, 2008

How could you shoot a dog??

Short & sweet .... How could anyone shoot a dog that is NOT attacking - NOT maiming - NOT - mauling anything or anyone?

It this day and age - it happens. My heart would like to believe that stuff like this is isolated - my brain tells me 'not so much'.

Gage was a seemingly happy, carefree, well trained & socialized pit bull . Yes ... he slept with his family & YORKIE dog siblings. He wore Santa Hats & Christmas bows in his hair. He danced in splashes of water and snoozed in afternoon sunbeams. Ah ... such is a dog's life.

Then, why, may I ask will I be wearing this shirt in honor of his memory this coming Saturday??

Well, seems like Gage's neighbor didn't like him. Didn't care about his Christmas bows & Santa hats. Didn't care about his social skills or dances with the waves. He saw a FREAKIN' pit bull and decided it was time for target practice. SHAME ON YOU, Mr. Neighbor!

Please consider a donation to Gage's family as they are battling legal fees to get said neighbor's unfriendly, ok, murderous Gluteus maximus into prison where it belongs! Go HERE - to view how a pit bull is also a son & a brother!

Diesel would appreciate it. Yes - he has donned his share of silly clothes and silly poses ... but, as a dog who is half rottie, can I show you how much he hates thunder??

God Bless Sweet Gage & his family.

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Kathleen said...

Kary! How did the walk go?