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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Vacation is Over ....

It is true that all good things must come to an end!

Vacation is over and there is no other looming on the horizon. It is all good though ... I have already returned to work and fell right back into the grind. Actually, it feels like I never left!

I managed to hit my 4th repeat in the German Shawl. (YAY!)

I managed to spin over a POUND of wool! (YAY!)

I managed to get a photo of Diesel enjoying a twilight sky with the sea below him! (YAY!)

And I managed to relax & regroup. (Double YAY!)

But the TRIPLE YAY is this: with all the nuttiness in the world, stuff means absolutely nothing. My week was great because I got to spend time with my husband, my dog & my parrot. We didn't do anything out of the ordinary - we just did something special: we were able to spend time together and just BE!


Denise said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if more people realized that their loved ones are more important than any possession? You're absolutely right - never underestimate the simple pleasures in life!

Denise said...

P.S. Forgot to mention that your spun yarn skeins are gorgeous! The autumn weather makes me want to spin up a mountain of luscious warm wool...