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Friday, October 07, 2005

I am in WICKED destash mode. I think it is because I am more into "spring cleaning" in the fall. Of course, this is due to the fact that once the cold and snows arrive, I huddle by the wood stove and play with fiber.

Suffice to say, I just don't like to be in hibernation with a bunch of clutter.

Not that I am admitting that tidbits of left over yarn and bags of wool are clutter - I am just thinking that I am claustrophobic and it has got to go. (Shearing season *will* be here again before I know it!)

The Dulaan Project is working wonders for me. Some charities specifically want knitted items to be made of acrylics. As a spinner ... no can do. I have to much wool. Therefore, I am knitting away with 2 strands of wool! I like to say it is because it produces a warmer item but, truth be told, I am also thinking of the destash factor. Admittedly, I LOVE the color schemes that get produced - free spirited colorways that take no prisoners.

I will be keeping a destash total under my "Dulaan" tally on the left side of my BloG. So far .... 3 hats ... just over 8 oz used. Currently, I am knitting a scarf with left over Peace Fleece and sock yarn .... makes a fun sculpture don't you think?? .... Comments, please!


Katie said...

I have learned to take all of my leftover yarn and to cut it into 2 yarn pieces and I then tie them together and then knit magic ball scarfs and while they are in balls I keep them in bags and they look pretty and do not take up too much space. I use the feather and fan pattern from The Little Box of Scarf Patterns and it turns out great.

Pamela said...

You have the wickedest imagination of anyone I know. Only you would think of making a sculpture out of a part-knitted scarf.