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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

While it has been dark, dreary and rainy for almost a week, I think it is important to keep focused on being creative. It is easy to wallow in the drudgery. Not much inspiration to be had when color is no where to be seen. It is very grey outside!

Yes - I have been dyEing and carding wool. That lends to sparks of color - but I needed a quick fix!

Today, I purchased the BEST book for sketching. (No - not colorful now, but *think* of the possibilities!!) It is leather bound with hand made paper. While a tad on the chunky side - it's rustic beauty has blown me away. It looks as though it is straight out of DaVinci's era and as soon as my new pencils arrive - DaVinci, move over!! I feel some major artwork coming on!! Barnes & Noble .... who knew there were such treasures?? Comments ... please!

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