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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Things have been busy in my studio since the new carder arrived! I have been having a ball creating lovely batts of wool. Of course they are FOR SALE! Feel free to place a bid ... My husband would be delighted if you did! :)

With the new carder came my INSANE desire to purchase raw fleeces! WHY???? I HATE preparing my own fleeces - but things change as we grow! To ease into the process, I am starting with 2 pounds of raw Suffolk. I ordered it from Abi at High Prairie Fibers ! Got to love a shepherdess who also does parrot rescues. Hats off to you, Abi!

Then, there are 2 coming from Linnet at Redbud Wool Farm , and 1 from Bonnie at Sheepy Thyme and then today - I found out that I am getting a hogget fleece from my friend Alicia who named a churro after me! Woo-WHOO! I am so excited .... REALLY SCARED .... But excited!

So as I said .... Feel free to buy or bid at The Knotty Sheep - I need the room! TAG me ... You are it!

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