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Thursday, September 08, 2005

I ask you to stop by and visit my friend Stasia ... it is her Birthday today! HaPpY Birthday mon amie!!

While I haven't been overly productive this week, I did manage to do several wash cloths for "Katrina" survivors. Cloths for Katrina is a great way to show our fellow humans that we care. It is a small way - but one that is personal and unique.

Birdsong was interested in seeing how I was weaving my wash cloths. Using either Lion Brand Cotton or Sugar N'Cream ... these Hazel Rose Looms make quick work of a much needed item. They are wonderful to use .... I gave quite a few as gifts last year!

Today, I also posted a Member's Only Special on my YahOO Group - do you like hand painted yarns and wonderfully prepared artisian spinning batts??? Methinks you should join and check it out!! ;) Comments .... please!


Nannette said...

Miss Kary, what size loom do you use for your dishcloths??

Stasia said...

Miss Kary, are you NAUGHTY! ;)

I love my washcloths - I didn't know they were washcloths, I thought they were coasters! I will start using them for washcloths now! OOOPS!

EWE GOAT, GIRL! Good job on donating those, as always!!!

Birdsong said...

Great colors Kary! That looks like a fun, easy way to get a bunch of cloths done. I have been knitting mine, and branching out and trying a few different patterns between the old-reliable garter stitch diagonal ones. Great for when I'm too tired for any other knitting.