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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

My mind has been wrapped around lace! I am eagerly awaiting a book or 2 from Amazon and I just joined The Summer of Lace YahOO group. Just to learn and to be a silent observer until I plunge into the depths of lacedom!

Before I do that - I feel the need to organize and use up some of my stash. I guess I need to declutter before the small needles and even smaller charted patterns come out to play.

Being a small fiber biz - I 'guess-timate' that I have approx. 100 pounds of clean wool here and there. Over the week, I have been spinning & plying odds and ends of fibers that have taken root on bobbins and spindles. These will become wonderful warm woolies for charities!

The Dulaan Project 2006; The B/CC for Afghanistan; and The Helmet Heads - just to name a few. There is a zillion organizations looking for and needing volunteers!

These skeins were my project last night! Don't you think they will make a great hat?? Comments .... please!


Stasia said...

Your spinning is always so perfect, Kary! Wish mine would turn out like that! Lovely skeins. :)

Denise said...

Thanks for making me aware of the Dulaan Project; I've signed up for 2006! And the funny thing is that the gal who's organizing this whole thing is local to me, though I have yet to meet her. Small world, eh? And now you've got me looking at local greyhound rescue groups -- naughty Kary! LOL No room in the house for dogs right now, but maybe in a few years when the oldest cats pass over...