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Monday, August 22, 2005

YiPpEE SkiPpEE ... I finished a pair of sox! Yes - they are for MOI! I LOVE hand knit wool sox. Aren't these fun?? They are dyEd in my Cocktails on Nantucket colorway. I am totally looking forward to cooler temperatures ... 'cocktails wearing wool' is sounding REALLY good to me after WAY to many days in the 90's!

My dear friend
Stasia has me thinking of lace, lace, lace! A delicate wrap covering my shoulders in the Fall seems pretty ideal. While I still have to finish my third ClaPpY - I am wondering what I should do next - there are so many wonderful shawls/stole patterns from which to choose. Hmmm ... a point to ponder!

Naturally, I have yet to finish my piece for Illustration Friday. I am stymied for some reason. Wish me luck - I plan to keep plugging away at it!

Have a ZEN day ... tags and comments - please!


Stasia said...

Love those sox! Now I can't wait to knit up mine!!!

Melanie said...

love socks.

Pamela said...

Fabulous socks - you make the most amazing colourways :)