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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My third ClaPpY is finis! I will post a photo once it is all blocked. Yes, I will be blocking it as this is for my MoM. MoM is a no nonsense kind of gal ... no curling-in edges for her.

Now, my focus is on the Aran Pocket Shawl, worked in Peace Fleece, from the Folk Shawls book by Cheryl Oberle. This is my first shawl from this collection.

The pattern itself is EZ PZ - my frustration lies in the proof reading. While I typically follow written directions over the charts provided (thanks NAN for hitting me upside the head with a wet skein on the 'bennies' of chart reading) - in this case, even the errata on Interweave's website is incorrect. Sigh ... I am kind of nuts about throwing out good money over books that have boo-boos in them. Publishers ... please don't be in such a hurry to make a buck that you cause grey hairs and sore heads over patterns that don't make sense. AND - don't assume we all want to follow the charts - "as it *is* our safest bet to sanity and a properly finished piece!" If that is the case - why include written directions? - to cause anxiety and divorce? Husbands don't like to be stabbed with knitting needles gone awry. MoMMa Mia!

On a brighter note .... I lowered the prices on my Be Knotty apparel! Feel like being shoppie? Everyone needs at least ONE spindle spinning sheepie shirt! Comments .... please - methinks I need some wine!


Stasia said...

I love my spindle spinning sheepie T! It is VERY nice. Everyone should own at least ONE! (I love my mug, too! Nothing more cheerful than Klaudette in the a.m.!)

Melanie said...

THIRD?! Girl you spit those things out!!!