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Monday, August 08, 2005

Recent events this past week have me thinking of 'mortality' and how most
of us go thru life on 'auto pilot'. Not really experiencing - just doing. Even though the last few days were ones of prayers and wishes - they were also filled with the slighest tinges of "I could have done more". Lucky for me, I have the opportunity to do so - I have been blessed with "more time" with someone very special. I hope that you take that extra few minutes that you have every day and cherish someone with them. "Time" is truly *the* best of gifts!

Got time for a new 4 footed friend?? Goliath needs a forever home! Don't you just want to hug the big lug?? If you are so inclined ... spread the word that this soul needs the chance at a forever love.

And while the subject of 'auto-pilot' was briefly mentioned above ... I am breaking free of my 'box'. You know what I am talking about ... the 'safe' Sox! The 'perennial' scarf! The mittens with the funky thumbs! Not to say there is anything wrong with those -- I am just loosening the Yarns That Bind! Since I am putting the brakes on my 'auto-pilot' and becoming a newbie dare devil... Look what I ordered today:
Holey Moley .... I am feeling faint! The air is thinner up here in Dare Devil Land!
TAGS and Comments .... Please!


dragon knitter said...

that is STUNNING! where did you get the pattern?

Melanie said...

YUMMY! I love that pattern. They have some beautiful ones! How do they make the snowflakes show up??? Let us know how the pattern is.

Ruinwen said...

I can feel a cool breeze from here! That pattern is beautiful!