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Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Well, it is here - the most special night of the year.

It is the night of miracles & magic. Of mystery and moments. It is the night of memories - I think each of us would love to be a child once again.

I remember the anticipation of Santa. Just when I thought I couldn't fall asleep because I was about to burst from excitement ... it became morning and my stocking was so stuffed, it couldn't hang any longer. Santa placed on the chair to the right of the fireplace. Yep - I had the right, my sister had the left .... we never deviated. I guess that was the beginning of a tradition - my stocking still hangs on the right, my husband's, the left.

Christmas has such glorious memories for me! As an adult, I do understand that some folks remember their Christmas' differently. Yesterday, while in Church, I noticed during the final prayer that the man in front of me was holding a picture of a young boy in his left hand. A small girl swayed on his right. But, the man stood there, holding this dog-eared, laminated photo of this happy & handsome boy with his eyes closed and in deep prayer.

The tears welled in my eyes as we moved into song. I wanted to know more: was the boy ill? Did he pass?? I respected his moment of silent prayer and said one of my own ... to the little boy in the dog-eared, laminated photo. Merry Christmas to you ... the man in prayer and the little girl who knows Santa is coming tonight.

When I returned home, I found myself quietly surfing Etsy. I noticed a 'call to arms' for a pre-Christmas disaster. A young mother (and shop owner on Etsy) had passed away in a motorcycle accident and she left 2 small boys behind. All the details are Here - there is a long list of items which have been donated & the proceeds will be sent to the young boys ... a paypal account has also been set up: fund_for_dawns_boys [!at] and an adorable photo of the boys is HERE.
I hope Santa stuffs their stockings extra, extra full tonight ...

Please shop from the wonderful lists of donated items OR send a contribution, no matter how small to their paypal account. Dawn was a single mom and I don't know how I would proclaim the magic of Christ's season to these young boys ... I know the proper Words would be given, but it would be a struggle.

Tonight ... do light a candle & say a small prayer for all those who suffer. While we rejoice and await Santa & the birth of a small babe - there are many whose hearts will break.

Next year at this time, maybe Dawn's boys will be holding a dog-eared, laminated photo of her while swaying to the sound of an organ. But for now - I hope their hearts heal in time ....

Merry Christmas to you ... and may we all use this coming year to love one another, help one another and respect one another. As Oprah says - the New Year is "another chance to get things right"! Merry Christmas!

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KnitNana said...

Hope your Christmas was extra special!