The Knotty Sheep Shop

Friday, June 03, 2005

Alas, no photos to present to you on this fine day! My camera isn't broken - just feeling a wee bit lazy! What would I photograph?? The 30 lbs of wool that arrived on my doorstep this past week?? The *really* cute books my friend Pamela sent me from 'across the pond'?? (BTW: The Sweaterheads are *quite* funny! ... Thanks, Pamela!) OR Maybe I should photograph the winter woolies I am making for The Dulaan Project to give a final push to those who are creating for this wonderful cause as the items *must be* received by July 1. Hmmmm ....???? What to do!

Well, since the *Worldwide KNIT-OUT Day* is fast approaching, (June 11, 2005) - I thought I would point you to this: FREE CONTEST. Get those needles ready!! AND BloG photos?? I will point you here: Stasia takes the best pictures!! Comments .... please!


Stasia said...

No way, Jose, you know who takes the BEST photos, most espcially nature stuff? NAN and PAMELA! But thanks. :) YAY for you on the charity work! WOE is you on the 30 lbs of fiber! But it will be to eBay spinners' benefit! :) Methinks I shall not be washing wool in my machine now that we are getting a new septic field... I will NOT be telling the construction people that's what I drained out in the last one! Hugs, Stasia, who just mistook the school bus for the arrival of the UPS truck and is now very disappointed. :(

Julian Silvain said...

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