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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I am finally back from the "Land of the Melting"! With temps in the 90's ... I am good for absolutely nothing. Well, I shouldn't say 'nothing' ... I mean, even heat can't keep a fiber artist down. *It* may take a wee bit longer - but in the end, for me - to create is to breathe and now that the temps have dropped almost 30 degrees TODAY - I am breathing a whole lot easier!

As an artist, I have never been one to be 'overly matchy'. While I don't tend to break the rules - I bend them with 'glee and a glass of wine'. That is why I am delighted that the world is just finding out about mismatched sox! Now, I handpaint sock yarn - so ... look out world! Check out this article:
about MISmatched SOX. And, why didn't *I* think of selling them?? I mean, how FABulous is the name SOL Mates?

But, sometimes the MUSE must run amuck. Nothing like 'amuckness' to get those juices flowing! A while back, my friend Nancie sent me this fun kit from Bonkers. Didn't I tell you the heat couldn't keep me down? Check out *MY* fun hat! I am thinking of making a lampshade out of it ... YiPpEE! My muse doesn't sweat - does yours?? Comments or TAG me .... please!


Jane said...

I love the hat.. I can see my grand-daughter in one like it - she's a little ham who loves to dress up.

dragon knitter said...

amuck amuck amuck amuck (oh, wait, i'm not the blonde sister from that really campy bette midler halloween movie (i can't remember the name of it right now, but sarah jessica parker was the ditzy blonde sister)). that looks like it was fun to knit?!? almost looked crocheted from the top. i can see some little girl wearing it, but a lampshade would be cool too. rock on, lady!

Stasia said...

What a FUN hat! Yay for EWE!

Rissa said...

That is just too wild...a pillbox on acid. :-) I was thinking I needed a freeform project, maybe I need to do a crazy hat for my crazy head!

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