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Friday, June 17, 2005

Thank goodness it is Friday! This week was weird given the very strange weather. 90's one day - 50's the next. Hate the former - love the latter. I actually got to wear my Peace Fleece Everyday Cardi yesterday ... seriously, how cool is that??

My contribution to The Dulaan Project is finally finis! I will mail it on Monday, due to the fact that the scarf I finished last night is blocking. I look forward to creating more items for them in the future. Maybe a sweater or shawl??!! This time, I will be sending 3 hats, 2 scarves and 2 pair of sox. I used worsted weight yarns for all - so they will be plenty warm. Here is a photo:

This weekend - I hope to finish my second ClaPpY! I am only in the 'straights' section so I will need a marathon knitting session. (Hmmm .... do you think DH will cook, clean, and take care of the pet kids while I knit??) Wish me luck! TAGs and Comments .... Please!

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