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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

There are days - and then there are days! I am still in the midst of my second "ClaPpY"!! The decrease section is on the horizon - to which I am eternally grateful! Once this one is finis - I have at least 1 more. 2 if I decide I want another (I already have the yarn). It is a terrific item and I am *so* happy that I found the ClaPpY pattern - but my mind is wandering to other things ....

There are 101 books I want from Amazon .

There is the Noro yarn that is just waiting to be Interweave's "Dibs on Ribs".

There is also the pattern for the Minisweater - just in case I dare to bare my arms in a 'tank' this summer!

Ah ... so many 'mind' wanderings! I have been busy doing my sock yarn dyEing & carding! Triple Bling is a member's only special that features California RED wool! MoMMa Mia - those fleeces are tres hard to get. But - all in all, busy is good!

Except of course if you are *my* window boxes! Try as I might - no life forms will establish themselves - so inanimate objects ALWAYS pick up the slack! Martha, feel free to steal my idea! TAGS & comments ..... Please!


Pamela said...

The candles are a great idea and look fantastic.

Stasia said...

I LOVE that! Thanks for the pic!!