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Thursday, December 26, 2002

Happy Day After Christmas!! I hope all those the celebrate the holiday - did indeed enjoy it! I also hope that Santa was good to you & yours!! Even though I wasn't in possession of the 315 million dollar Powerball ticket - I did perfectly fine!! Hazel Rose Looms!! A Bosworth spindle in grenadilla!! The Sock Calendar!! Soaps from Goodies Unlimited!! Bruins tickets!! HO! HO! HO! But - the fun didn't stop there - today I ordered a sock kit from Joslyn's Fiber Farm!! OK - I had asked for one - didn't get it - so in the patriotic spirit of things (buy! buy! buy!) - I did!! I ordered the basic sock kit in Sammy yarn / color 'Moonbeams". If I enjoy doing it - I think I must also have the colorway "Treebark"!! ~~ Christmas itself was spent with family! It was a grand time - in a good old fashioned, New England snowstorm! Kudos to the people of 'JEEP' for making remarkably durable vehicle!! Thank-you!! ~~My MOM also gifted me with 'THE AFGHAN'!! She crocheted this Granny Square afghan!! It has taken a year to complete. It is also totally hand spun by MOI!! Completely all natural sheepie colors - all but the border was drop spindled. The border - a BL / coopworth X named 'Heady" was wheel spun. It fits comfortably on a twin sized bed - but it will be used in the den when a chill is in the air! My SIS wants one next Christmas - same colors - I will just need to find a grey fleece for her border!! AND - I have already begun spinning for it!! Christmas 2003 - will NOT catch me unawares!! Check this out: Christmas Countdown Clock!! I will keep it as a link in the side bar ... just to keep ME on my toes!! TAG ME ... you are it!!

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