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Sunday, December 22, 2002

Only 3 day until Christmas - OK - 2 shopping days ... boy, time DOES fly when one is unprepared. I am not saying that I am a total lost cause - but I do vow to start thinking of Christmas 2003 on January 1, 2003! That should give me plenty of time to get things completed, wrapped and sent out in a timely manner. More importanly - I want to ENJOY the season. This is the most magical time of all and everyone around me is stressed, unfocused and uncentered. This disharmony spreads havoc & chaos like a disease. That is why I vow to manage my Christmas-EE 'self' better next year. I spun a great deal today - and will continue tonight as the Patriots play a must win game against the NY Jets. Go PATRIOTS!! Anywhoo - in my 'fibery confession' segment, I completed a 112 yard, 2 ply skein of "Heady" , a BL/ coopworth X for the now infamous and yet to be completed afghan; 68 yards, 2 ply merino which will be used in a pair of slipper for The Ships Project and last but not least, a 25 yard, 2 ply skein of coopworth which I spun on my hatchtown production. I love having these little skeins around!! I also painted my holiday KLAUDETTE studio pillow - which I hope will arrive at its destination before Tuesday. I hope that everyone is able to relax and enjoy the abundant miracles of the season!! TAG ME ... you are it!!

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