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Sunday, December 01, 2002

The long week end is over. I will be glad to slow down my life again - living at the speed of sound is not my cup of tea. For the next three weeks - it will be more of this hectic pace which utterly DRAINS me. My spirit weakens - my soul collapses. Then - I get cranky! It is cold here - and they are predicting colder weather for this week. Wood stove time!! Woo-WHOO! It is usually lit everynight to take the chill off the house and us. It warms the heart, soul & mind! It is truly one of my favorite things that I love about our home! It is confession time for me ... and I actually DID get a good amount of spinning accomplished!! Here goes .... (all are 2 ply skeins) greeen corridale, 91 yards; a finn X & alpaca blend 32 yards; a corridale & GCNI blend, 15 yards; a wool & angora blend, 15 yards; a coopworth, BL X , 93 yards; and shetland, 25 yards. You can pretty much tell what I did on a spindle! All of the natural colored skeins were given to my Mom as she is crocheting an afghan for us. This afghan has been in the works for 2 years. It would be nice to have it for THIS Christmas, but I don't thing it will happen. I can dream though!! What did accomplish this week? TAG ME ... you are it!

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