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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

It was our first official snow storm today!! Sure - we have had flakes here and there ... but today it SNOWED!! When I first awoke at 4:35 am (thanks to one of the dogs who needed to 'go out') it was snowing. When I left work at 1 pm - it was still snowing! When I shoveled the driveway - it was STILL snowing!! YiPpEE!! Everything looks "OH! So PRETTY!" Tonight will be one of those incredible nights spent in front of the wood stove - contemplating life while spinning!! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving - I prefer to be Thank-FULL everyday!! I think it would be wise for all of us to stop and take stock of our daily blessings. Some blessings are small. Others are in-your-face-huge!! While still others are wrapped tightly - waiting to be opened & acknowleged. Each blessing needs to be 'thanked' for entering into our lives - for each blessing has a name & a reason. This year - I have become extremely aware of the blessing of CHOICE. So - tomorrow I will celebrate & be thank-FULL for all the choices I face each day. The right to choose between right & wrong. The right to choose good over evil. The right to choose between hope & despair. The right to choose between love & hate. Some choices are difficult to make - some choices are easy. But it is the PRIVILEGE of choice that deserves recognition! ..... It has finally stopped snowing - and the sun made a CHOICE to say "hello & goodnight" in a quick breath. I thought you might like to see his whisper! TAG ME ... you are it!

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