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Sunday, November 17, 2002

So - today is the day that I confess all my fibery happenings for the previous week. I think I was somewhat successful - although there always seem to be little tid bits of time that I could be taking a few spins or knitting a few rows. It is also day # 13 of the self imposed fiber hiatus. It is actually working well as I need to reduce this mountain of stash!! If I can make it until the end of the month - now THAT would be something!! So - here is my weekly tally: completed & mailed my 6th pair of slippers for The Ships Project!! YAY!! I am so proud to be involved in this wonderful charity!! I also plied & set the twists to 163 yards of a marsh romney sheepie named Debbie and 88 yards of colonial!! But - the pride & joy of the week goes to a needle felted baby dragon that I made for my Spinning Santa. Each year on Spindlers we celebrate the winter holidays with a small exchange. I created this sculpture after I discovered that she (my exchange partner) liked dragons!! I think I had a productive fibery week!! TAG ME ... you are it!

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