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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Suffice to say: It has been VERY cold !! With the wind chill - it is brutal. Nothing warms the heart faster than a 'Happy Mail Day' !! The yarn I ordered as a belated Christmas gift to myself arrived .... yarn and sock pattern from Joslyn's Fiber Farm!! How I wish these socks were done NOW. I chose the 'Sammy Socks' pattern as the yarn is derived from samoyed rescues. It is a 50% samoyed/ 50% merino blend. Can we say W-A-R-M!!?? The colorway is called 'Moonbeams' - isn't that great?? I *think* 'Treebark' will be next on my list. I have used this yarn before ... 2 years ago, I made several warm scarves as Christmas gifts and heard nothing but compliments as to their warmth. ......... "Something for ME ... please!" My inner child has been screaming to get my attention ... well, she has it! Not only am I spinning a vest for myself - but I will also be knitting these socks. WOO-WHOO!! Come to think of it - the 'Treebark' colorway would really compliment the fiber for the vest - now - my inner child is screaming "CHARGE"!! Stay warm & wooly!! TAG ME ... touche!!

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