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Monday, January 20, 2003

With all the football fun yesterday - I neglected Ol'Betsey!! (My name for my computer!) I am still weeding my way thru all the lists & emails ... it will probably take me sometime to do it too. This past week, wasn't overly fibery. I am reading both "The Artist Way" and "Simple Abundance" books and following their recommendations to living a more simple, creative life. I would venture a guess that would mean less TV - which would mean less football - but heck - the NFL games end next weekend anyway. (Then I will admit the thought of Arena football intrigues me!) Anywhoo - last week I completed a 2ply, 173 yard skein of a Cross Patch Creations colorway named "Victoria into the Woods" from The Bellwether . My friend Nancie was nice enough to let me have the last package that Amelia had earmarked for her ... thanks again Nancie!! I will now be working my way thru 5 bags - in the hope that it will become a vest for me!! I also completed my 11th pair of slippers for the Ships Project. With so many of our military deploying - seems like the need is great. I have included a photo of my latest pair (# 12) - I use the 'Favorite Slipper' pattern and I wanted to show you what they looked like prior to sewing. What is great about these slippers is they are knit with 2 strands of yarn on size 11 or 13 needles (they go quick)!! And they make great use of my spindle skeins. These slippers actually are made up of 5 different yarns - I do have a 'constant' 100% wool, commerical yarn running thru the whole slipper - but what a great way to use hand spun!! TAG ME ... touche!!

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