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Monday, January 13, 2003

I missed my Sunday confession! Sigh ... I guess that I was TOO involved with football. The season is all to quickly coming to an end. I am sad about that - as Sunday is 'my day': to rest; relax and regroup. I have always felt this way about Sunday - it is kind of a family day, just my husband & I , puttering around the house doing things separately, but yet 'together' if that makes sense. I do get a lot of fibery stuff done while watching/listening to sports. AND the really great thing is - if I happen to miss an important play - they always show it again on re-play!! That is pretty cool!! My fiber week went well, again all yarns completed are 2-ply: brown shetland, 34 yards; spring green bfl (the Copper Moth) 108 yards; GCNI 'Intrigue' (Running Moon Farm) 155 yards; oatmeal shetland 105 yards; black shetland 118 yards; and I completed my 10th pair of slippers for The Ships Project. Once again, I encourage one & all to participate in this worthy project - it seems like these hand made items are a real boost to those stationed far from their loved ones. I do have time to make someone else happy!! Speaking of being happy - The Daily Zen offers some great insight each day!! Try a random act of kindness each day this week - but Saturday, I am sure you will be positively GLOWING!! TAG ME ... you are it!

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