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Thursday, January 30, 2003

YIKES!! I can't believe all this time has passed since my last post. I know the Superbowl was last Sunday (yes! I was glued to the TV) - and that is the day I usually report my fibery happenings of the week. Well, life has gotten in the way - and I have decided that I will report fun, fibery, artsy 'doings' as I 'do' them. More fun, less 'reporting'. My pastel art classes are going well. I hope to post a picture soon. It is still a work in progress and I have promised my instructor that I would not touch it until my next lesson. It is a spindle with roving. Hmmm ... that would make quite a title! My instructor Kim, is AWESOME!! She opened her store after following her path set forth by "The Artist Way" (Julia Cameron). It is a phenomenal book pertaining to a higher level of creativity. I am reading it too, and, so far, I have yet to uncover any major items in my life. I will continue the journey - looking forward to every twist & turn. I also mailed out my 14th pair of slippers today for The Ships Project. I am so excited about this organization!! Please think of joining if you spin, knit or crochet! The military personnel really appreciate these warm woolen hugs from home! Tonight, I am not sure what kind of fibery adventure I will embark upon! Tonight just might be a great night to curl up under the handspun afghan and dream ... TAG ME ... touche!

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