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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Project UPdate

Now that it is February ... I truly feel compelled to finish up 'stuff'. Whether it be UFO's or organizing - I feel like it all must be done 'NOW'!

My thoughts are turning to the vegetable garden and the planting of tomato seeds. Of yard clean up and flowers waiting to be born. I know winter will still rage on - but, my thoughts are somewhere in the future. They have to be .... Easter is very, very early this year.

On that note .... my current works in progress are:

** A Child's Watch Cap made from destashed yarns for Macuwita sni!

** The spinning of "Kos", a rare Navajo churro sheepie on my "Stasia 33" spindle!

** The
Sea Mineral Mittens!
- love the colors!

So - yes, I have been busy - but I am looking forward to actually doing more!!
How are your projects coming along??


Stasia said...

Oh, what fabulous colors and projects - it looks like you are having wooly wonderfulness there today! The Sea Mineral mitten colors are just "you."

That new purple fiber in your Etsy shop is gorgeous!

Hope you're having a great day!

Mitchypoo said...

The Mittens are really pretty, I love the colors.