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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas will be here in 9 days. WOW!

That is pretty much all I can say. I still have packages that need to be placed in the post ... a few cards that need to be signed ... and a few things that need to be bought and placed under the tree. There is only one thing left to knit (Dubblemossa) .... and I am thinking that will become an "Epiphany" gift in January. Such is life outside of Whoville.

Two gifts are completed and await their turn at the wrap table ... nephew's St. Anton mittens and niece's lace scarf knit from alpaca. Got to love the fact that they are blocked too .... suffice to say, I have given damp woolies - fresh off the blocking pad in the past and the recipients, well .... they just didn't know what to say ....

In the spirit of the "9 Days left and counting down" - if you still need a quick gift for a fiber fanatic - I do know a place where you can get some Blueberry Moonshine .... Wink! Wink!
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Dove Knits said...

Stop making such gorgeous mittens! It's making me want to drop everything and try and make some, you vile temptress! ;) Seiously, though, they're beautiful as always. And check out that scarf -- it's like a rose garden in the middle of winter. Nice!

Any tips for colorwork? I suck royally at Fair-Isle -- my tension is all over the place. Is it all about practice, or is there a trick?