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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas 2006 is now behind me. I am sad that it is now a good, no - scratch that - I am sad that is now a GREAT memory. It seems that the build up goes on for 6 long weeks - only to implode in a matter of hours.

C'est la vie. Weddings are the same way.

At least I have figured out that Christmas 2007 is in 362 days! Ah .... something to soothe my Elfin Soul! My friend Denise says I have "OCED" ... Obsessive Complusive Elf Disorder. I must agree. Truthfully - I have made notes for the coming Christmas Holiday. I do better if I am prepared.

Santa was good to me and there was absolutely NO stress. Remember how I love the small moments? Well, this past weekend was filled to the brim with them! I hope you were able to savor yours.

As I look ahead to 2007 - I look forward to a year filled with microscopic memories and pixels of Kreativity! I hope you will join me. As I say on my side bar ... the Playground is FUN when there are more kids playing!!

Today, I dyEd and carded up a storm! I have totally "Gone Batty"! How about YOU?

Remember .... Inspire Art! Create Art! Buy Art! Be ART!! Comments, please!

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Christine said...

I love Christmas too! It is by far my favorite holiday. Several years ago, we also did Channukah, as I wanted to teach Nick about other holidays to teach him tolerance. This was inspired because we had a rash of arsons targeting synagogues in the central valley. It's really a fun holiday and makes the whole season go just a bit longer. We even did a gift for every night, had the menorah with the candles and a ton of fun!

I'm anxiously awaiting next Christmas with you!!!