The Knotty Sheep Shop

Saturday, April 19, 2003

Tomorrow is Easter! My husband & I play host to my family. I don't stress about cooking or cleaning. Being accepted for NOT being "Martha" is a HUGE stress-reducer. (No offense to anyone who is - I just feel why make life complicated and take the joy out of a visting Easter bunny!) My family knows I am NOT a gourmet cook. The also accept that my wheel & spindles will still be part of the decor. They also know that my pets are MY children and that my parrot will be at the dinner table at some point. Being accepted is a 'good-thing'. My niece & nephew have also become aware that I give out neat stuff at the table and sponsor a contest. The 'door prizes' this year are a painted top, a dark chocolate egg, a handwoven book mark (by ME) and popcorn. Why popcorn?? I recently found out my parents had given it up for Lent - I thought it would be a hoot!! The bunny with a rose pen tied to a box of strawberry/rose geranium candy is the 'contest prize'. The 'contest' - why guess how many pink MM's in the glass jar, of course!! Notice the center piece - handspun yarn with little Chicks (Thanks Lexi!!) Happy Easter to all!! TAG ME ... you are it!!

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