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Friday, April 22, 2005

One of the most tedious parts of anything is the planning. Sometimes I like to plan - other times I don't. Knitting, to me, is an adventure .... why plan? All it takes is some needles - and fiber - and the journey begins. Alas, lack of planning has doomed the most mighty of warriors ... I am no exception. Not that I am a warrior - I prefer to think of myself as someone who takes risks in sensible shoes.

I just finished turning the heel of my second sock ... notice how much yarn I have left. Granted, my size 10s do take a more than modest amount of yardage - but, I acted on faith (translate that statement to 'lack of planning', please see above) and much to my chagrin - I am WAY short. Off to the Frog Pond they will go. Now the question becomes - do I restart the sox OR do I start the

See that case of wine?? Well, I found an incredible Pinot Grigio that is INexpensive - ok - it is down right cheap! Don't you just love the name Fish Eye Winery? Anywhoo .... I stuffed my second sock in an empty slot. Now, why is it an "empty slot" you may ask?? The Pinot is chilling - after all - I *do* plan sometimes! Comments .... Please!


dragon knitter said...

anklets? i dunno, lol. it's a thought. i was gonna ask you how much yarn you usually use for socks, since my daughter's feet are the same size, but i had a reality check that didn't bounce, and realized the day she wears my handknit socks is the day hell freezes over (or did it when the eagles started touring again?) good luck

Pamela said...

I want that wine, fish eyes or no fish eyes ;)