The Knotty Sheep Shop

Thursday, April 28, 2005

I have been a *very* busy little bee of late .... Today, I embarked on a new venture at The Knotty Sheep: sock yarn.

The "Painted Toes" line has been unveiled! Toes & feet around the world will know a little slice of stylish heaven. Color, color & more color - dancing on a canvas that is merino wool! OOOO - La-LA! The two colorways which made their debut were "Jazzy Frogs on Electric Lily Pads" and "Skinny Dipping on Clouds"! (I think you will be able to tell which is which!) Please take a peek .... and as always - Comments, please!


Jane said...

I love the blue shades, Kary.. The Jazzy Frogs is pretty, but a little too electric for my rather staid toes {g} I've only made one pair of socks so far and those in grey worsted weight acrylic. I think I need to experiment a bit more..

Kathryn Noland said...

Well, I just happened to be catching up on reading blogs and I thought, Hey who's got my yarn. Oh yah, it's you Kary. I just purchased Jazzy Frogs and can't wait to start some cool socks. It looks beautiful.


Pamela said...

Very pretty yarns, especially the green - really snazzy.