The Knotty Sheep Shop

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Here I sit, with a stack of clean fiber to my right. After I finish typing - I will place my left hand ever so gently on said fiber and then I will raise my right hand. I will recite "I will never ask my husband for permission ... again"!.

Seems strong, I know. But, to give a wee bit of background ... I wasn't asking for a new wheel, new car or diamonds. I wasn't asking for a new house, a large stock portfolio or a boat. I wasn't even asking for a trip to Tahiti or an a bottle of 1787 Chateau Lafite ... all I was asking for was a night off from dinner planning, cooking & cleaning. Truth be told, I was asking for a "large, Buffalo Chicken Pizza" - to the tune of $15.23 (that *is* tax included).

Don't get me wrong - my husband is a nice guy. He puts up with my wool, yarns, wheels, spindles & needles all over the house. And, he is the first to get tickets to a local pro sporting events (think NE Patriots or Boston Red Sox) - but, the pizza? ... Just don't go there!!!

Next time, I will call and have it delivered. Sometimes it is just easier to ask for forgiveness - than it is to ask permission. (BTW - the pizza *was* most excellent!) Comments .... please!


LadyV said...

Buffalo chicken pizza? Where did you get this? and...what's it like?

Stasia said...

HUGS! Good for you. They never ask when they want a new weed whacker, right? ;) Wow is that Karakul staple loooong! Sorry about the sox - you must do them toe up, two together, as I do, and you'll finish both, equal, at the same time!:D HUGS!

Witchypooh Lynne said...

Buffalo chicken pizza is my favorite! Yum. Ask yourself, what is the most expensive thing my DH has purchased without asking MY permission? You then have the authority to obtaining anything just shy of that amount without asking his. :)