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Monday, May 18, 2009

Who would have thought??

Who would have thought that a dog, who had a bad start in life, would be such a tender constitution?? Not I.

Today, I am celebrating my third week with Jaeger! He is a joy and I truly believe he was sent to us by Diesel. Diesel knew that I could/would take care of anything & everything that the DOG GODS tossed my way. I have proven myself over the course of time! That being said .......

Jaeger had surgery on Friday ... today, he still has his drainage tubes & some post-op 'potty abnormalities'.

Without conclusive test results (ie: fluid & tissue samples are being examined at present) - a huge cyst developed exactly where his microchip was implanted. Who would have thought??

I am grateful that we were able to have the situation taken care of promptly & I do hope that it is resolved. Tomorrow, he returns to his vet. It is my wish that the tubes are removed and that he can go to the bathroom normally ... very soon.

That being said ... I have been a little slow on the fiber front! Lucky for me, I did manage to do some dyEing & carding between outdoor potty runs!

With Spring here & summer just around the corner ... bright, happy colors just begged to be created. Meet: "Sista Goldenhair!" Are you smiling yet?? If not .... try spinning them! They are AWEsome!


Mishkat said...

That photo of Jaeger is adorable! I'm so sorry he has had medical problems - hope all that is resolved soon.

(and that's a beautiful batt!)

Stasia said...

I hope dat da widdow boo boo Way-gow feews much bettow SOON!

Po BABY WAY-gow!

Many hugs-n-scwitchews!


Kathleen said...

I hope Jaeger feels better soon! That sucks that he ended up in surgery so soon after moving in. But I have a feeling he'll feel good as new shortly.

Gorgeous batts! Sista Goldenhair reminds me of Rapunsel! Sista, sista! Let down your golden hair!