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Friday, March 20, 2009


My thoughts have been scattered of late. I have been knitting - and spinning - and just trying to catch up on what seems to be things that have spiraled way out of reach.

The lesson I am learning from all of this is time. We certainly do not have enough of it ... spend much time complaining about it ... and waste most of it. Pretty eye opening and sobering.

All is not lost. While I want to save every dog that needs a good home - and the planet from implosion - and fellow humans from violence & disease - I know that I am one person who CAN & WILL make a difference, but I need help!

Enter .... EVERYWUN! This new FREE website helps terrific causes like "The Humane Society", "Books for Africa","Trees for the Future" & "World Vision". You learn interesting snippets on how to make the world better & you can play trivia games to learn even more. You can help plant trees by 'clicking' - or feed an animal ... or provide a book to a child that has nothing.

Today is a wonderful day to give a little something back .... do join EVERYWUN right now. While we each make a difference daily, we can change things for the better a little quicker if we do it together!

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Mishkat said...

I just had time to look at Everywun briefly - I've bookmarked it for later. Thanks! (And I hear you about wasting time!)