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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Yikes ... it is March

March *is* here - and I will admit to being WAY far behind on stuff. Life really does slap you upside the head ... as if only to say "Wake Up!"

Sometimes personal & professional lives combine to create an explosion of atomic proportions! As the dust settles - one can only cling to what one knows best. For me, I am blessed to know that dogs are what I know best.

They are such an important part of my life and more often than not, people do not seem to understand the high value I place upon them. They expect nothing - yet deserve everything. They are my inspiration when I do not feel like dyeing, carding or spinning wool. They make me laugh and allow me to know "JOY!"

Just this past week, I "upped" The Knotty Sheep's year end donation to PittieLove Rescue from 5% to 10%. The recession is a part of everyone's life ... shelter dogs didn't create it, yet they are a victim of it.

So ... that brings me to Muttville. Senior dogs will always be a huge part of my life as they are some of the first to be discarded/abandoned. Etsy for Animals (search Etsy tags for teamefa) has chosen Muttville as their charity of choice for the month of March. In addition to the 10% I will be donating to PittieLove .... 20% of these batts & handspun yarns will be donated to Muttville! I mean, I am a wee bit partial ... but check out "Blueberry Paws" - spun from coopworth wool & chow doggie fur! Pretty??? YES!!

Well - time to get back to work. I will be working extra hard - for both the pit bulls & the senior dogs at Muttville. Yes, Diesel tries to help too. Given his large size ... he is, in reality, 86 years old. This saddens me ... but, he still has a glint in his eye and love in his heart. He also knows how lucky he is ... just as I know how VERY lucky I am to have him in my Life. Thanks for helping me with my fiber work Diesel ... you are the best! (My beautiful Cat Spindle is hand made by my wonderful artist friend, HaLLa!

(I love helping my fellow senior dog friends- no retirement for me!)

(Oops ... chow break ... I hear treats!)


ZudaGay said...

Great causes, Kary!!! Diesel spins some lovely yarn. :)

The Filigree Garden said...

Awww...what a sweet dog! :-)

Chauncey said...

Diesel is a precious pup!

Stasia said...

EWE go, Kary!

Diesel is so good with your spindle!