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Friday, February 13, 2009

Life goes on.

Life has a way of jumping right into your face and frightening the fiber right out of you.
It also has a way of embracing you and guiding you gently into your next day.
It also has a way of ending - sometimes abruptly.

Suffice to say - this is why my posting has been non-existent.

Life also goes on - and for that, I am grateful.

Memories are captured moments in time that live forever - that is so cool.

I have been busy, occupying both my head & my hands! Sleepy Spring Flowers would be a great addition to any spinner's stash!! Featuring mohair & camel - these babies are super soft & the luster on them is nothing short of pure "WOW!"

Also ... my Diesel is hounding me to get him more votes in the
HSUS Spay & Neuter Photo Contest.
I keep telling him that he must pose for some seriously cute photos so those who do not know him can appreciate his heart & soul. He looked at me indifferently, than gave me this:

Diesel ... rule #1 - 'don't look bored!'

Ah - men!

VOTE for Diesel!


Mishkat said...

Kary, hope everything is OK. Sending (((hugs))) and purrs!

thewildhare said...

Your words are interesting to me today, as I am dealing with my own challenging crisis - so here is some love and good thoughts from me to you.

And, dear Kary, I voted ALL MY VOTES for Diesel! :):)