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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Waiting on more Snow ....

More snow is expected today. I have heard 4"-8". My boots are on the rug - the shovel sits by the door. The coffee pot is clean, ready for a fresh pot to be made. The wood stove has a TON of wood stacked every so carefully next to it - it will be raging soon.

I am ready for more.

Of course - I will be dyEing wool today. Carding too. Ah .... I love a New England winter!!

Diesel is tired of the snow at this point. While we 'snow-plow' a whole path for him so he can easily do his 'business' ... the old back legs just aren't what they used to be. He is a big dog, with a nice, high clearance ... but, he is more cautious & slower when he deviates from his path. He is 11 - and recently I saw an adjusted dog-age table that suggests due to his size, in reality, he is 86 years old. WOW - that was a shocker. Here I was thinking he is a mere 77.

Needless to say - he is still hoping he will get your
How can any spinner resist THIS shot??


Mishkat said...

We finally got snow too - only an inch though - it looks pretty, but that's about it. I should be able to "shovel" it with a broom :).

Diesel looks so adorable in that shot.

Stasia said...

That's the cutest pic of Diesel EVER!

How are you doing? Have sent you some emails... hope you are OK!

No snow here today, just COLD!


BeadedTail said...

Oh what a adorable photo of Diesel! He has cute, cute ears!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I appreciate your comment!

Mishkat said...

P.S. to Kary.
We have a blog award for you (but you might already have it!) Feel free to pass it on, or just enjoy...