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Monday, July 18, 2005

First, I must apologize! The harder I try to keep, the more I tread in a sea of fiber. I guess my ISP spam filter works well, really well. Out of approx 25 tags & comments left at this BloG - I may see 2. Yep ... that is all folks. I do try to peek to make sure I am not missing anyone - but, sometimes I do. Sigh .... If you don't hear back from me - I am not ignoring you - I just didn't realize you paid me a visit.

Want to know what makes my heart pound as quickly as a good fiber?? Cheese!! I love cheese! Not the presliced, cello-wrapped polyester stuff you find in the grocery store ... not even the "Cabot" quarters or "Kraft" specials ... I mean, pure artisan cheeses that reflect a commitment to the art of cheesemaking as well an unadulterated way of life.

These were my conquests this weekend (clockwise, beginning with the orange wedge):Mimolette;Piave Vecchio; Westcombe Cheddar, Red and Midnight Moon.

Of course, I didn't finish all of them .... well, suffice to say, the "Mimolette" est finis! TAGS and COMMENTS .... please!

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Stasia said...

Jeff would be so jealous! (I have to say, though, i do like a 24-month Cabot Vermont cheddar!) Looks yummy - glad you indulged! :-)