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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

What to do when a dye experiment runs amuck??? KNIT!!

I recently did a colorway that was less than exciting to me ... didn't do anything for my inner fiber child. I surely was NOT going to sell it at The Knotty Sheep nor was I about to throw it out. (Although, I was tempted.) .... I figured socks were the way to go.

I threw caution to the wind and started to knit - hoping that they *would* fit. I can always use socks for these sized 10 beasties! If they didn't fit, I trusted that they would make their way to some deserving soul. Well, unbeknownest to me ... the fiber gremlins were working overtime - think double time and a half! Not only did they fit me perfectly ... I LOVED the colorway AND I just had to recreate it. (I *did* too - the skein is drying!) What do you think of the name Wayward Wizard?? In fact, what do you think about the color?? BTW - the second sock has already been started ... YiPpEE!! TAGS and comments .... Please!


Stasia said...

Ooo oo oo! Methinks Claudia and I would both love socks made of that - it was serendipity... serendipitous... whatever - those are gorgeous! And just in time for the Harry Potter (wizard!) release, too!!! NICE JOB AS ALWAYS!

Pamela said...

Ooh, great colour combo. I can well believe that it would look a bit strange in the skein, but doesn't it look fantastic now that it's knitted up?