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Wednesday, September 18, 2002

What a gorgeous fall day today!! I actually wore my handspun / handknit GCNI socks with my Birks. It felt wonderful and I think I had a smile from ear to ear just because of my happy toes. I am tickled that I could wear my handspun! YiPpEE! Now - I am still on my second pair of Christmas GCNI socks as they have taken a back seat to my slippers for The Ships Project. I am in total awe of this project & I have decided to mail a box o' goodies out on the third Saturday of EVERY month! So - that way - whether if I have one project done or ten - the military will still get the warm woolies that they so richly deserve! On another note - I have a challenge for you!! I recently read in the local paper that the golden $1 COIN is not being used enough. This is sad - not only is it a great coin - but it is estimated that it would save us TAXpayers about $500 million (oh ... I hope my memory is serving me correctly on this sum!!) if we were to use this coin instead of the $1 paper bill. WOW!! My challenge - use at least 5 in the coming week. It is great fun to watch the looks on people's faces when you use these at payment. The gauntlet has been dropped - TAG ME ... you are it!

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