The Knotty Sheep Shop

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Thank you everyone for your kind wishes on my day of celebration! Stasia YOU are a wild woman!! Thanks for writing such a great story about my parents. I will admit that my parents are the coolest people I know. They are my inspirations - and I only hope that I may mirror their energy when I get to be their ages. That means - I have 4 decades to find this energy!! I fear that won't be enough time!! Currently - they are in Las Vegas - if you see them, (Dad might be wearing his Lester the Llama Tshirt) - stroll on over and say 'hi'!! I did treat myself to some goodies this birthday ... I think I may have lived on a farm somewhere in a previous life! Not only do I love sheep - I also have been fascinated with chickens. Not your standard, white feathered ones - but exotic, rare breeds!! When I saw Extraordinary Chickens I knew I HAD to have this book. I have placed my order and hopefully, I will be receive it soon. I also decided I needed to make a shawl for myself. I probably won't get this done for this winter season - but hopefully by spring! I ordered some icelandic thel/alpaca/silk rovings. While I have ordered from The Lavender Fleece before - this will be my first FIBER order with them. I do look forward to receiving it!! Do I feel a year older? - nope! Do I CARE that I am a year older?? - nope!! I am pleasantly blessed with the knowledge from all my previous mistakes... TAG ME are it!!

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