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Monday, September 02, 2002

As this three day weekend is winding down to a close - I am looking forward to the adventures that the Fall season will bring. Fall is my most favorite time of year! I love wearing wool sweaters & socks; scarves & mittens! l love spinning & knitting near the wood stove & on the warmer days using my drop spindle while sitting under the leaf-less cherry tree! Today - while others mourn the final days of summer - I rejoice & welcome the chillier nights & the frosty mornings! Since it rained all day today - I felt very productive!! I completed & posted a KLAUDETTE art piece as well as plying the plum GCNI wool that was on my wheel. Here is a peek at what will be a second pair of Christmas socks!

Although the twist still needs to be set - the particulars of this skein are 2 ply, 16 wpi, 128 yards. This week I hope to complete the second skein of this colorway as well as to begin knitting the socks. Speaking of socks - Saturday I wore socks that were hand knit by my friend Stasia ... my feet were wrapped in rainbows! Thanks Stas!! Yesterday - I wore the socks I hand spun & knit from some green GCNI! See - I am REALLY celebrating the Fall! TAG ME ... you are it!

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