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Friday, September 06, 2002

It is Friday!! YiPpEE!! I love Fridays - but - then again - I love all the days of the week. I don't have a favorite as I feel each brings its own 'special - ness to my life'. Monday is made up of beginnings & 3 day weekends! Tuesday it is the day I usually grocery shop & make appointments. Wednesday is middle of the week - day. Thursday is a day off. Friday - well - it is payday. Saturday & Sunday - 'nuff said there! I am also realizing that if I look forward to a certain day or event - it makes the time go by slowly. Which isn't a bag thing - but- when the day / event arrives - it is almost a 'let down' when it is over. I am trying really hard to live in the moment. Each day is a day to be blessed - not a day to be taken for granted. Today - I received 2 new spindles in the mail. One from my friend Stasia - the other a gift from ME to ME. Both from Grafton Fibers!! Stasia gave me a POD swan. I gave me a camphor swan. Both are beautiful. I started with the camphor as I had some alpaca/silk waste rolags handy. It spins like a dream!!!! I also tried to use a 'noste'! This will take practice - as my stackable ball of yarn looks like any other ball of yarn!! AND - I started my plum GCNI socks! See - I am trying to live in the moment and not waste precious minutes!! I am also trying to focus on the activity/event at hand. To many times I do not pay attention as to how I got from point A to point B! Concentration is difficult when there are to many distractions. Now - if I could just figure out a way to spin & type at the same time!! TAG ME ... you are it!

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